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Service Improvement Ideas

The project team has developed some initial service improvement ideas, and they are available for your review in several ways:

  • Interactive maps. The interactive map platform features two maps: one of new service ideas and one of existing CAT bus routes. You can toggle between these maps by using the dropdown menu titled “Currently Viewing” in the upper left corner of the map interface. The interactive maps allow you to zoom in and out on routes, see potential service, and leave comments. Please note the map is supported in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari browsers.
Dialogue box showing what the user is currently viewing
  • Downloadable PDF maps. You can view system maps of the current CAT bus routes and new service ideas by downloading the PDF packet linked below.

These service improvement ideas are not final but are completely open for discussion. Your feedback on these ideas will help us develop recommendations for service improvements to be included in the transit development plan.

Click the map to comment on what works well and what needs to be improved or changed with Cities Area Transit service.

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We’d like your feedback!

Tell us your thoughts on these service improvement ideas by taking our online survey  or by commenting on our interactive map linked.

The survey is available through May 6, 2022.

What are the service ideas?​


Idea Description

Route 1

Discontinue Route 1 service and reallocate service to Route 5

Route 2

Discontinue service and change to an microtransit that would serve northeast Grand Forks and the northern section of existing Route 1

Route 3

Simplify route to travel the same way in both directions, using 17th and 13th Avenues

Route 4

Combine with Route 6

Route 5

RContinue the same routing and operate the route twice as often (every 30 minutes)

Route 6

Combine with Route 4

Route 7

Split into two routes: Route 7 and Route 11. Route 7 would operate on Washington Street, 17th Avenue, 17th Street, 32nd Avenue, and Columbia Road to 47th Avenue, traveling by Midtown, Hugo’s, and Walmart

Route 8

Realign Routes 8 and 9 to follow the same route. This would include adding service on 30th and 32nd Avenues S between S 20th Street and S 25th Street. It would also remove service from Demers Avenue and add service to S 26th Street and 7th Avenue S

Route 9

Realign Routes 8 and 9 to follow the same route. This would discontinue service on 6th Avenue N and S 29th Street on the east side of the route and 29th Avenue S, S 42nd Street and 24th Avenue S, on the southwest portion of the route

Route 10

Simplify the route to cover the eastern half of the existing Route 10 and operate the route in both directions. This would create a route that is the same both south and northbound. This change would remove service on 32nd Avenue, 17th Street, and 17th Avenue, which would be served by Route 7.

Route 11

A new route idea that would cover the eastern half of the existing Route 7. It would provide service from downtown Grand Forks to Columbia Mall and retail along 32nd Avenue

Route 12

Discontinue Route 12 and replace it with a microtransit service zone that would cover all of East Grand Forks.

Route 13

Discontinue Route 13 and replace it with fixed routes that operate during the day or microtransit service

Route 17

A new route that would serve the commercial and residential areas along 32nd Avenue, the industrial park, and the residential area and Walmart in northwest Grand Forks


Restructure this route to focus connecting students living along 43rd Street, Stanford Road, and the west part of University Avenue with the campus buildings further east along University Avenue

UND Blue

Restructure this route to focus on connecting students living in the student housing along University Avenue with the campus buildings on the southern part of campus along Campus Road

UND Purple

Modify route to longer serve south of University Avenue to avoid challenging left turning movements

UND Night

Discontinue this route and replace it with microtransit service

Draft Cities Area Transit Goals


Community Connectivity

Connect people to important community destinations by transit.


Multimodal Connectivity

Connect transit service to active
transportation infrastructure.

Service Quality

Service Quality

Provide high-quality transit service that attracts and retains riders.



Provide transit service that is
accessible to all riders.


Environmental Sustainability & Resiliency

Invest in fleet and infrastructure improvements that promote environmental sustainability and resiliency.



Advance equity through transit access.

Fiscal Sustainability

Fiscal Sustainability & Efficient System Management

Operate a safe, efficient, and fiscally-sustainable transit system.

Tell us your thoughts on the draft goals for Cities Area Transit in the comment box below.
Are there other goals you think we should be prioritizing?

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